Prestonfield Neighbourhood Project was set up in 1988 initially to provide advice and information for older people in the Community of South and Central Edinburgh. To meet the need identified by the Neighbourhood Workers, of having somewhere to allow people to meet and be socially active thus reducing the social isolation older people faced, the Project fundraised and Prestonfield Neighbourhood Centre was built in 1995 and continues to provide services for older people in the Community.

Some new funding is enabling the Project to introduce new ways to enable people to live longer and healthier lives. A hot nutritious meal is provided each day and the activities planned, in consultation with our older people, will support them to enjoy as creative and fulfilling and independent a life as possible as they grow older. The programme for each week is here - if there is something you may be interested in then contact us on 620 7222 or call in at the Centre and ask for more information.