Zumba Event Aims to Bring Latin Vibe to Edinburgh Centre

posted 14 Jun 2011, 03:09 by Alistar Frater
It’s the fitness craze that has taken the world by storm. Now people in Edinburgh who have never done Zumba before have the perfect chance to come and see what all the fuss is about, at a special charity Zumba event. Organised to raise funds for well-known Edinburgh charity, the Eric Liddell Centre at Holy Corner, the event on Saturday 18 June starting at 1pm at Morningside United Church aims to show young and old newbies how it’s done. People who have also done Zumba in the past will also be welcome to join in the fun.

The event’s leader is Emma McMillan who is Certified Zumba instructor and expert. She will be taking participants on an hour and half long journey through three different types of Zumba. Emma says, “The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program. We’re hoping lots of people turn up for the event to help us raise some good money for the Eric Liddell Centre’s services.”

Ewan Hastings, the Eric Liddell Centre’s Fundraiser is delighted that the Centre is running the event. He says, “Emma herself, runs Zumba classes in the Eric Liddell Centre. We expect demand to be high, as places are limited, so we are encouraging people to pre-buy their tickets from the Centre, however people can also pay on the door.”

Organisers are encouraging participants to wear comfortable clothes and trainers and to bring lots of water. There is also a Zumba after-party raffle, with music, drinks and chat.

For further information on the event see the Donate page on www.ericliddell.org or call the Centre on 0131 447 4520.