Veterans celebrate 65th anniversary of VE Day at Edinburgh care home

posted 6 May 2010, 05:40 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 6 May 2010, 05:51 ]
Veterans at the Erskine Edinburgh Home have been celebrating the 65th anniversary of VE Day by replicating a 1940s street party.

After Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced the end of the war in Europe, more than one million people took to the streets of Britain to celebrate the surrender of Hitler’s Army on the 8th May 1944.

Many communities, despite strict rationing still being in force, organised street parties which are now regarded as one of the most iconic scenes of WWII.

The Erskine Edinburgh Home, run by the veterans’ charity Erskine, threw homage to the momentous occasion by re-living VE Day, 65 years on with a celebration party.

Veterans and their families were taken back in time thanks to decorations which included bunting, British flags, war time posters, as well as 1940s-inspired food that included treacle tart, clootie dumpling and boiled sweeties.

Staff also took part in the celebrations, dressing up in replica uniforms from WWII and arranged an afternoon of VE Day entertainment.

Lynn Suttie, Erskine Edinburgh Home manager, said: “We were delighted that our residents were able to re-live such a historical moment at our care home. They all thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce the end of the war in Europe, as many of them can remember exactly where they were when the announcement was made.  The Erskine Edinburgh Home prides itself on organising activities which are residents can relate to and nothing was more fitting than our VE Day celebration.”