Two tribes go to war

posted 3 Nov 2009, 13:02 by South Edinburgh Net Admin

Gary McMillan takes on Gary Young for the Scottish welterweight title in Glasgow - but they'll really be sorting out an Edinburgh turf war.

The pair are from opposing sides of a local divide and plan to settle their differences at the Pavilion Theatre on November 15.

McMillan said: "Gary and I only live five minutes apart but we're from different areas.

"All my mates have been ringing up looking for tickets for this one but his fans and mine won't be travelling through to Glasgow together.

"There will be a lot more support for both of us at the Pavilion than there would have been at a dinner show and that's a good thing.

"I live in Gilmerton - where he's from - but I come from Moredun.

"There's a lot of rivalry there, along the lines of: 'Our area's harder than yours - we'll see you at six o'clock on Friday behind the park'.

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