Tribute to Brian Queen

posted 3 Feb 2009, 08:27 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Brian Queen.

Brian was the cleaner in the CDT department in Liberton High school for a number of years. During this time he proved to be a valued member of the department. Brian always took pride in doing an excellent job but Brian’s contribution was much more than that. He always knew what to say at the end of a busy day to keep the mood cheerful. Brian also had an endless supply of sweets which he shared every day!

During the years that Brian worked with us he showed that he was a thoughtful and kind person in his day to day actions e.g. keeping the Evening News Edinburgh Marathon results for Jim Heneghan, bringing in milk and biscuits for break time and making sure that the rooms were spick and span before the SQA exams. Brian was modest and never expected any thanks for the extra work he regularly did for us.

We will miss Brian as a colleague and a friend and feel fortunate for having the chance to work with him.

(Words provided by staff of the The CDT Department at Liberton High School)

from Liberton High School News