SEAG Gets Thumbs-Up!

posted 20 Jan 2009, 05:06 by   [ updated 20 Jan 2009, 05:13 by South Edinburgh Net Admin ]
The South Edinburgh Amenities Group, provider of low-cost community transport to groups of the elderly and disabled in the area, has been hailed as “a vital service delivered with warmth and skill” by a local politician.

Lothians list MSP Gavin Brown recently spent the morning on a bus trip with SEAG members to find out more about the work of the organisation and what he can do to help the group. Gavin, who joined a group of local residents on their way to Burdiehouse Community Centre, said, “SEAG helps many South Edinburgh people get out of their houses for perhaps the only time in the week that they are able.

“Every person I spoke to on the bus spoke with a great deal of warmth about how important the service was to them and that the door-to-door service that SEAG provides allows them to socialise in a manner that a regular bus service would not allow. The group perform a vital service and deliver it with warmth and skill,” he said.

Ann Young of SEAG was delighted at the support of a local politician. She said, “Recently Gavin spent some time with SEAG in an effort to understand our purpose, the contribution we make to the lives of others, and the challenges we face. In this, he continues in the long tradition of support SEAG has enjoyed from both local and national politicians and we welcome his interest in our vital service and the opportunity to inform debate on key transport and social justice issues.”