Preston St kids give Crags a facelift

posted 25 Nov 2008, 04:34 by   [ updated 25 Nov 2008, 04:37 by South Edinburgh Net Admin ]
Crags Sports Centre teamed up with Preston Street primary school last month to develop a scrappy piece of land into a community garden.
Pupils at the school designed the garden’s planting and landscaping. The land adjacent to the Edinburgh Leisure complex had lain derelict for some time, and local people are happy to see the former eyesore in an altogether better state.
Gael Logan, Preston Street’s Active Schools Coordinator said, “Preston Street School is really involved with the Crags Sport Centre - all of the kids live close by.
“The area outside has just been a short cut route but we have been able to purchase all of the plants to transform it into a garden for all of the community to enjoy. The kids are so excited about seeing their designs made reality – now for the hard work.”
Thanks must go to mobile phone company O2 whose It’s Your Community awards scheme helped to make the project a reality with the donation of £700 to help purchase plants and bulbs.
Katie Hyson, of the Conservation Foundation, said “Crags and Preston Street have worked really hard to get this project off the ground – I am so pleased that we could help them.
“The It’s Your Community ‘Green and Clean’ category was created for projects just like Crags and Preston Street Garden,” she said. “It helps to ensure people have the opportunity to improve their local area for the benefit of the whole community; we want to build a network of projects across the country that collectively makes a difference.”
Hilary McDowell of Southside Community Council said, “There were eight community council members down here at the weekend digging the ground up. We cleared 54 bags of leaves, branches and rubble. Mike Shields at the council was very helpful, supplying equipment, top soil, crocuses and organising a litter pick-up.”