Potential Temporary Home for James Gillespie's Pupils

posted 3 Dec 2009, 02:04 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
The old Tynecastle High School building is being considered among a range of options as a possible temporary home for James Gillespie's pupils during the construction of their new school.

Current plans for the replacement of James Gillespie’s High School are based around a temporary ‘decant village’ being set up in the school grounds to replace parts of the school as it is re-built in stages.

It is thought that the current Tynecastle High School building could offer a good alternative temporary home during the construction of the new school, although a feasibility study into this option is still being explored.

Tynecastle High School pupils are set to move to their new school in January 2010, and given that Hearts have reviewed the timing of the development their new stadium, this move is being considered as a way of reducing possible disruption for James Gillespie’s pupils.

City Education Leader Cllr Marilyne MacLaren said: “We want to transform James Gillespie’s into a fantastic modern facility that will serve young people for many years to come but we want to be sure that pupils continue to receive the best education during construction.

“This may be an opportunity that could suit both the Council and Hearts and it has the potential to be a good solution for James Gillespie’s during the construction of their new building.

“Not only are we looking at a plan that could give pupils a firm undisrupted base for their education, it has the potential to shorten construction time of the new school.

“Our feasibility study will look at this option in detail to see if it’s worth taking further.”

In September, the Council was successful in securing a commitment to the part-funding of a new school building for James Gillespie’s through the Scottish Futures Trust.

The Council is continuing discussions with Trust officials about exact funding levels but longer term plans are being worked up to develop the new school. Providing good accommodation for pupils during the construction process is a vital part of the process.

Consideration of the feasibility of the option to use the current Tynecastle building is at an early stage but if the temporary move is found to be feasible, a statutory consultation would be carried out with the school community.

Any move would only take place following the completion of the design and planning process for the new James Gillespie’s High School.