Planning Committee protects South Edinburgh Greenbelt

posted 19 Oct 2009, 06:30 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Fred Mackintosh at the field saved by the Planning Committee

Fred Mackintosh has been campaigning against development on South Edinburgh's Green Belt for many years

The City Planning Committee voted on 1 October to maintain Green Belt protection for the whole existing Green Belt in Edinburgh South. This included rejecting proposals by the Reporters to the City Local Plan Inquiry that Green Belt land at Burdiehouse should be designated as suitable for housing.

Edinburgh South Liberal Democrat Spokesperson Fred Mackintosh said, "I am delighted that the Planning Committee has stood firm and rejected submissions by developers that the green belt at Burdiehouse be further narrowed and new homes build on the field below the Burdiehouse Lime Kilns."

In March 2008 Fred Mackintosh presented a petition to Council Leader Jenny Dawe with hundreds of signatures from local people calling on the Planning Committee and City Council to remain firm in its protection of the green belt in South Edinburgh.

As a result of the decisions of the Planning Committee the Council is required to consult on its modifications to reporters recommendations and those concerned have until 17 November to comment on the plan as it now stands before the matter is reported to the City Council.

Follow the link below to see how to comment and have your say in favour of keeping Edinburgh South's green belt protected/

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Read all the background material and comment on the proposed modifications.

Source: Edinburgh South Liberal Democrats