Outward Bound Gets Gracemount’s Stamp Of Approval

posted 26 Mar 2009, 05:48 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
In late February, eight Gracemount High school pupils and three teachers - Mr Wyllie, Mr Goodfellow and Ms Sinclair - made the long trip north to take part in an outdoor education course at Loch Eil, near Fort William.

This excursion was run by the Outward Bound Trust (Scotland) who run adventure and personal development courses with the aim to help young people of all backgrounds develop self-confidence, leadership and teamwork skills.

The purpose of this particular trip was for us to evaluate the outward bound experiences on offer and to help us as a pupil body to plan future trips for other Gracemount pupils in the future. Pupils decided which activities would best develop important skills and, through contacts developed by the school, were lucky to gain funds from a benefactor to allow further trips to happen.

The weekend was really action-packed and included activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, parachute-style jumping from a high platform, sailing, and rowing.

The highlight for many occurred upon arrival on Friday night with “jog and dip” activity that involved jogging to the nearby loch and then jumping in from a floating pontoon 75 metres from shore! The water, as you can image in February, was freezing.

From the weekend, pupils learned many valuable things about themselves and others. These included teamwork, confidence and leadership.

By Lewis Watson & Stephanie Ho

South Edinburgh Echo, April 2009