"Misunderstanding" puts £2,500 win at risk

posted 10 Feb 2010, 03:30 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Darren Scales (19) from Liberton nearly lost out on a £2,500 win when bookies William Hill in West Preston Street refused to pay out.

The £50 bet was placed, with odds of 50/1, on Celtic winning Sunday's Scottish Cup match against Dunfermline by 4 goals to 2.  It was half-time with teams tied at 2-2 when the bet was accepted.

Darren, a Hibs supporter, watched Sunday's match in Drouthy Neebors in West Preston Street.

Following the match, Darren was told by betting shop staff that there had been a mistake with the odds - they were meant to be 10/1.  Despite have said previously that the odds were 50/1 and marking that clearly on the betting slip, the shop refused to pay out.

William Hill Head Office offered a compromise, but that would only have paid £750.

The matter was only resolved when Darren contacted Edinburgh Evening News.  Their interest produced an offer from William Hill to pay the full £2,500.