Meadows revamp on right path

posted 5 Jan 2009, 08:19 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 5 Jan 2009, 08:20 ]
The first phase of a major revamp of the main path through the Meadows has been completed.

The project will see Middle Meadow Walk refurbished and resurfaced, along with a renewal of its gullies to prevent flooding.

The work will focus on a section of the park where a number of paths cross – just south of the new Sainsbury's supermarket.

The gullies have now been renewed, and fencing removed, and council workers are expected to return in the next few weeks to complete the rest of the project.

Much of the grass surrounding the paths has worn away with people taking shortcuts and fencing will be installed to try and stop this happening again.

All of the worn grass will be replaced, and new cycle markings, benches and bins installed.

Developer Gladedale, which is behind the neighbouring Quartermile scheme, will pick up the £60,000 cost of the project.

Source: Edinburgh Evening News