Letter from outgoing MP, Nigel Griffiths

posted 6 May 2010, 01:51 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Dear South Edinburgh Net,

I am writing as we enter polling day in the UK and in Edinburgh South.  It has been a tremendous pleasure to have represented Edinburgh South for the last 23 years as my tenure as the MP ends tomorrow.  It has been an honour to represent my constituents and I am delighted that one of our hardest-working Labour Councillors, Ian Murray, is our Labour Candidate.   Ian and I have be campaigning enthusiastically over the last 6 weeks and I have never been involved in a campaign that had such energy, commitment and the desire to do well in order to continue to represent Edinburgh South.  As well as being an effective councillor over the past 7 years, Ian runs a local small business and has a wealth of experience representing local people and seeking the improvements in local services that we all desire.  Ian has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities that support ‘A Landmine Free World’ and a school building project in Nepal, proving Ian’s commitment to the less fortunate, both in South Edinburgh and abroad.

Many of you will have met Ian in the last 6 weeks, attended a hustings or been involved in one of his many unique public meetings.  Everyone that meets him recognises his compassion, values and abilities.  He is a warm, dedicated and passionate person who wants to do well for everyone.

Ian has worked tirelessly with thousands of local residents on many campaigns and serious issues, including fighting the cuts imposed on our local schools by the Liberal-Democrat-run Council, opposing their decision to abolish free garden aid for disabled people, fighting their cuts in services for senior citizens and their failure to invest in re-opening the South Suburban railway stations to take up to 1.4 million people off our roads.  Ian helped pioneer local community policing paid for by the Council, the regeneration of our council homes, the protection and enhancement of our green spaces and improved access to health services.  He has always stood up strongly for our local schools.  The list goes on.

I am proud of the achievements that the Labour Government and our local Labour team have made in South Edinburgh from, building new schools, community centres, hospitals and health centres to record employment for the area.  A lot has been done in South Edinburgh but there is still much more to do to continue the improvements made in our community, which can only be done by investment not cuts.

We have worked together very closely over the last 23 years and I am proud of what we have achieved together.  Ian shares my passion for public service and will make a wonderful MP if elected.

If Ian can help you with any problems, please do not hesitate to contact him at the details below.  I very much hope you will join me in voting for Ian on today.  He deserves our wholehearted support.

Very best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Griffiths