Inch Park Set For Comeback

posted 6 Jan 2009, 07:31 by   [ updated 6 Jan 2009, 07:33 by South Edinburgh Net Admin ]
Construction work on a  new South Edinburgh community sports facility at Inch Park is due to start within the next couple of months.

It is hoped many of the new facilities will be available for use by the start of the 2009/10 football season. The development will allow local sports clubs the use of a clubhouse, two rugby pitches, a football pitch, a cricket pitch and a training pitch.

In June 2006, fire destroyed the old pavilion forcing teams to use changing rooms scattered across Edinburgh. The new facilities will include modern changing rooms, clubrooms and a licensed bar, as well as a function suite and committee rooms.

Kelvin Hurd, a coach at Edinburgh South F.C., one of the many local clubs who will  benefit from the improved facilities, envisages a vast improvement from his club’s current home pitch at the same location.

“At the moment we haven’t been able to use our pitch at Inch Park this season,” he said. “The main benefits to us are much improved playing facilities, and we’re also hoping to have two youth seven-a-side pitches. Hopefully, it will give us better social facilities as well so we can hold meetings.”

Murdo Gillanders, president of Lismore Rugby Club, said he was delighted by news of the impending start to work.

He said, “This is the next step forward, and it is an important step in what has been a very long process.”

“These facilities will be a huge boost not just to the club but to the local community. We are currently able to do some work at various locations and schools around the city, but this will give us a base to provide real training in rugby, football and cricket.”

City of Edinburgh Council has pledged £160,000 from its budget, and has also said any insurance money collected from the eventual settlement of the outstanding claim for the fire, expected to be around £140,000, will also go towards the development.