posted 5 Jul 2009, 06:12 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 8 Jul 2009, 13:55 ]

In the next few days, email provision for addresses, currently provided by Tiscali, will be moved to Google Mail.

You can still have your address and mailbox, but gain a whole batch of additional services, including webmail, calendars, online document editing, and much more.

We are aware that many mailboxes created over the last ten years are no longer used. We will only create a mailbox on the new system if you tell us that you want one.

We require the following information to transfer your email account:
  • Your name:
  • Your current address:
  • An alternative email address at which we can contact you:
    A telephone/mobile number at which we can contact you:
An email will be sent to all existing accounts.  Please note that if we do not receive a reply to this message we will assume that this mailbox is no longer required, it will not be moved to the new system and WILL CEASE TO OPERATE when the changeover is made.

When will the change take place?
No date has been set - this will depend on the number of accounts which require to be transferred.  We aim to complete the process before the end of July 2009.

What will it cost?
The service remains free of charge to users.

Will I have the same username and password?
No - a new username and password will be given to you.

Will my email still be private?
Google Mail provides secure connection to email - a higher level of security than currently provided. 

Can I still use POP3 via Outlook and other clients?
Yes, with the additional option of IMAP.  Both POP3 and IMAP require a secure connection - just a small configuration change.

What new features can I expect?
  • spam protection
  • filtering options
  • forwarding
  • vacation or out-of-office replies
  • virus scanned attachments
  • over 7Gb storage

I have a webmail account - will this affect me?
No, the old webmail system will still operate, but we recommend requesting a move to the new system as it has many benefits.  Send a request to

This page doesn't answer my question.
You can email us for more information or if you have any problem with the transfer -