Holy Rood responds to Haiti tragedy

posted 9 Feb 2010, 06:23 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 9 Feb 2010, 06:25 ]

As news of the disaster in Haiti unfolded in the media, the shock and concern of the staff and pupils of Holy Rood High School at the sheer scale of the human tragedy increased.  In classrooms across the school, discussions of the events were commonplace.  The Pupil Council made an executive decision to make a quick response to the issue on behalf of the school and an ‘Emergency Fund’ held and administered by the Pupil Council was accessed and two thirds of it (amounting to £1000) sent off immediately to the people of Haiti.

This Fund had come into existence when pupils in Holy Rood a number of years ago saw the benefit of creating an ‘Emergency Fund’ for use locally or internationally when a quick response to catastrophe is vital. During the period of Lent (when the pupils of Holy Rood turn their attention to fundraising or ‘giving alms’ as part of the spiritual preparation for Easter) on two separate occasions, a percentage of money raised was held back and put into this fund.  Pupils across all years were pleased and proud to have had the foresight to set up such a fund, particularly in this case.

In addition to this, a simple collection was held at form time which gave staff and pupils an opportunity to donate more to the disaster and a further five hundred pounds was given just on that occasion alone.

The Pupil Council Executive have also flagged up Haiti as a long-term issue that the staff and pupils of Holy Rood should turn their attention to during Lenten fundraising in the future, particularly when over the years to come it will inevitably fall off the media radar.