Good News for Warrender Swim Centre

posted 5 Feb 2010, 02:18 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
City Councillors have approved plans to repair the roof of the Warrender Swim Centre. The pool at the historic Warrender Baths has been closed for months following the sudden fall of a pane of glass from the Victorian roof.

The fitness suite at Warrender remains fully operational and it is just the swimming pool, which is out of bounds. The replacement of the glazed roof is so expensive that the contract to replace the roof requires to go through a full open procurement process. This has delayed the start of work.

Local Councillor Marilyne MacLaren said, "Whilst I am delighted that the repairs to the roof at Warrender Swim Centre are going ahead, I am disappointed that the work will not be finished until late spring. This is a valuable resource for the community and there is really no nearby alternative. I have made enquiries as to whether the process can be speeded up, but officers assure me that E.U. regulations have to be closely followed, with no shortcuts!"

Due to the unpredictable nature of the failure of the glass the whole glazed roof will need to be replaced and this will involve scaffolding being placed in the pool itself. The repair will cost somewhere between £120k and £150k and it is hoped that the pool will be open by May.

The interim arrangements for users still remain the same - schools groups will continue using James Gillespie's School pool.

Local Liberal Democrat Spokesperson Fred Mackintosh said, "I have been in touch with the Chief Executive of Edinburgh Leisure and he assures me that Edinburgh Leisure continues to keep users informed of developments direct by text message."

Source: Edinburgh South Liberal Democrats