Fred Mackintosh signs petition supporting local Bingo Halls

posted 17 Aug 2009, 15:25 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Along with a number of other Liberal Democrat MPs and MSPs, South Edinburgh Liberal Democrat challenger Fred Mackintosh has signed a Downing Street petition urging the Prime Minister not to increase duty on bingo.

Voting in Parliament on the Finance Bill in July the Liberal Democrats were the only major party to oppose the increase in bingo duty. With the pressure of the recession and increased taxes Bingo clubs across Scotland are struggling to continue.

Commenting after a visit to the Royal Bingo Club in Drum Street, Edinburgh, Fred Mackintosh said: “Labour’s decision to introduce duty increases on bingo is wholly misguided. The Tories big talk about supporting Bingo, but sat on their hands when it came to voting. Hundreds of local people use the Royal Bingo Club in Gilmerton every week. It is an important centre of entertainment. The Liberal Democrats were the only major party to back a move to halt the increase in bingo duty.”