Finish line in Meadows Marathon compromise closer

posted 15 Jan 2009, 07:07 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 15 Jan 2009, 07:08 ]
Council officials and the organisers of the Meadows Marathon look set to strike a compromise deal which will remove any doubt over the event taking place this year.

The future of the run has been hanging in the balance while the city council decides whether any events can be held on the Meadows or whether the ground should be given time to recover following years of activities.

But it emerged yesterday that Edinburgh University students – organisers of the marathon – have been told that as long as runners stick to the pavement, the event may be able to go ahead.

The council confirmed that discussions regarding a "potential compromise" had taken place and that students will be told of an official decision on Monday.

Event day manager Sally Hutchby, 21, said: "We're still not guaranteed the marathon will go ahead, but it's looking more hopeful."

Source: Edinburgh Evening News