Fighting for Fivers

posted 20 Jan 2010, 06:18 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Mike and Fivers (photography: Rory Edwards)

Mike, Tavish and Fred launch the "Fighting for Fivers" Campaig

Mike Pringle MSP joined Tavish Scott and Local Campaigner Fred Mackintosh to launch the "Fighting for Fivers" campaign on Morningside Road.

The campaign aims to get more bank machines in Scotland to dispense £5 notes. This would give individuals and small businesses greater control over their own money, helping them to save and better manage their own finances.

Commenting Mike Pringle said

"Being able to withdraw £5 instead of £10 every time from a cash machine would be a real help to individuals, families and small businesses all feeling the pinch in the Government's recession.

"Every cash machine is already able to dispense £5 notes. They only reason they don't is because banks would need re-fill them more often.

"This is not a big ask of our multi-billion pound banks. It is a small gesture that would go some way to help restore their tarnished reputations.

"Scotland's biggest banks are now majority owned by the taxpayer. I think it is about time they did something to support the hard working individuals that bailed them out."