Feather Collection Arrives In Morningside

posted 26 Apr 2011, 04:46 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
After a successful career in banking, Lynn Barton was determined to find a new and more fulfilling occupation – more importantly, one that would make a difference for people.

Then after chatting to a long time friend and listening to her wig-fitting experiences that had changed the lives of those battling cancer or others learning to cope with alopecia, she launched LA Hair Solutions in Comiston Road, Morningside, Edinburgh.

Now four and a half years later Lynn’s business has become arguably Scotland’s leading name in hair replacement supplying help, advice and wigs as well as offering hairdressing and beauty services to a growing customer base.

And LA Hair Solutions is leading the field by stocking the newly launched ultra-lightweight Premier Feather Collection designed to deliver a new level of comfort to the women coping with hair loss through alopecia or cancer.

“These really are so lightweight that wearers quickly forget they are wearing a wig,” said Lynn during a break from her salon which attracts clients from across Scotland and further afield.

“We have stocked Dimples wigs for quite some time as this is an established name in the industry whose products are well respected,” added the businesswoman who has negotiated contracts with the NHS for the supply of wigs to patients suffering from hair loss.

“The arrangement means that patients can use their NHS grants for wigs towards the cost of a range of high-quality wigs to give them the widest range of choice.”

A spokesman for Dimples at their Carrington, Manchester HQ said: “LA Hair Solutions are a valued stockist of the Dimples range as we know they deliver a superb service to their clients.”

For further information click onto www.lahairsolutions.co.uk