Fairmilehead: New home is opposed by community

posted 24 Feb 2009, 01:28 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Objections have been raised to plans to build a new home in Fairmilehead.

Members of the Fairmilehead Community Council say the plans to build on the plot at 226 Braid Road would block out the light and the views of neighbours.

Community Council secretary Norman Tinlin has written to Edinburgh Council planners raising eight separate points of objection. Concerns include the height and style of the proposed building and the protection of trees on the site.

The community council also says the house would block out the sunlight for children at a neighbouring nursery.

Members are also concerned that the house would cause traffic problems.

Mr Tinlin said: "It is the opinion of our members the proposed entrance and its locations will have road safety implications."

Source: Edinburgh Evening News