Explosive ending for tower blocks

posted 25 Oct 2009, 14:01 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Three tower blocks have been demolished in Edinburgh, with a controlled explosion, to make way for new housing.

Schoolboy Robert Millar, 11, pushed the button which brought down Garvald, Soutra and Fala Courts in the Gracemount area of south Edinburgh.

The blocks, built in 1962, contained 246 flats.

Council leader Jenny Dawe said: "The blowdown was a truly spectacular sight - and all went as planned, which is credit to all those involved."

"I know that many people will have fond memories of the flats at Gracemount but now we can look to the future as we drive to create new homes for the 21st century."

A new development on the site will include a mix of houses and flats with gardens as well as a new play park.

Source: BBC News