"Edinburgh South must not miss out on High Speed Rail"

posted 26 Aug 2009, 10:09 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 31 Aug 2009, 09:05 ]
Welcoming the publication of Network Rail’s Strategic Business Case for a new high speed line linking Edinburgh to London Fred Mackintosh said, “At last some action from Network Rail on this important issue. High Speed rail from Edinburgh to London is essential if the UK is to meet targets for CO2 emmisions.”

Network Rail has proposed a £34bn high-speed line linking Edinburgh to London via Birmingham in 2030 in just two hours and nine minutes. Substantially faster than the four hours and nineteen minutes which is the fastest journey available tomorrow.

Fred Mackintosh continued, “As an opponent of the third runway at Heathrow and continued expansion of domestic airtravel this proposal can’t be delivered soon enough for me. It is time for the Scottish and UK Government to make clear and unequivocal commitments to the whole project."

Full details of the Network Rail plans and their press release can be found at http://www.networkrail.co.uk/aspx/5892.aspx