Drama group gives traditional Scots tale musical treatment

posted 14 Oct 2009, 06:20 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
The  world premiere of a new musical featuring modern versions of traditional Scottish songs is to be held at the Churchill Theatre in Morningside.

MacPherson's Rant tells the story of James MacPherson, who was hung in 17th-century Banff for being a gypsy.

He is said to have offered his fiddle to spectators to play at his wake, and when no-one came forward smashed it on the gallows tree. Before he died, he sang the song now known as MacPherson's Lament, or Rant.

The play, set against the backdrop of the Jacobite Rebellion, tells his story from the summer of 1698, when he arrived in Banff and fell in love with local girl Bess Frazer.

Written and produced by John Ward, with choreography by Murray Grant, the show is part of this year's Homecoming celebrations.

Clan MacPherson members have agreed to attend the Saturday matinee. They will bring items from the clan museum, including James MacPherson's broken violin. The show runs from 20-24 October.

Source: Edinburgh Evening News