Could you be a friend?

posted 11 Feb 2010, 06:02 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Health in Mind are looking for volunteers for their Befriending Services!
We all have interests and things we like doing. When we become stressed and unwell, its easy to forget what these things are and it can be hard to have the confidence to get out and do them.
It's easier to take the first step to meeting new people, rediscovering interests and trying out new things when someone you feel safe and supported by is with you.
Health in Mind befriending services match people from a wide range of backgrounds, including people who have become isolated as a result of mental health difficulties and parents and carers who socially isolated and are lacking in confidence.
The volunteers support service users to gain the confidence to get out and take up old interests or discover new ones, and help them meet and cope with the challenges they face.
Health in mind volunteers
  • help build confidence and self esteem
  • provide more opportunities for social contact
  • support service users in engaging with and building constructive relationships with others
  • encourage service users to participate in their local and wider communities
Volunteers are matched with a service user for up to one year. With the service user you decide how you would like to spend you time together and what goals you would like to work towards and achieve together.
People volunteer with Health in Mind from a wide range of backgrounds and for a wide range of reasons from looking for work experience or a change of career, to wanting to give support to others and wanting to give something back after receiving support from mental health services. Volunteers make a huge difference to the people they support. As well as giving a lot volunteers also get a lot out of being involved in the project, including a chance to gain new skills, attend training, gain a reference for further volunteering or employment and meet new people.
In addition to a full training course, volunteers will also receive ongoing support and supervision. Out of pocket expenses will be refunded. Volunteers can get involved at any time of the day or evening and seven days a week. Health in Mind asks that volunteers try to commit their time to the service for up to one year for 2 or 3 hours per week.
What are the next steps?
If you would like to become a volunteer or use the service you can...
Phone to find out a bit more about the service and ask us any questions you have about getting involved with Health in Mind.
Come and meet the staff. When you contact them, they will arrange a time to meet up and take the next steps to getting involved.
A full training course is being run at the end of February.
Please contact: Alison McGhee
Tel: 0131 225 8508