Corridor classes at busy school

posted 3 Oct 2009, 03:09 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Children are being taught in corridors, eating lunch in classrooms and taking playtimes in shifts at an overcrowded primary that has seen an influx of new pupils this year. Sciennes Primary, in an affluent area of Edinburgh, has a record number of primary 1 pupils this year.

The school is now the biggest primary in the city, with 643 pupils.

The rise has been caused by parents taking the council to court for attempting to keep the class size to 25 – in line with government guidance. However, the court ruled the only legal limit was 30, forcing the school to take more children.

An original expected intake of 75 new pupils had risen to 111 by the start of the new term.

One class has 40 children in the one room on a "team teaching" basis.

Source: Edinburgh Evening News