CCTV plea focuses minds on new traders group

posted 3 Sept 2009, 14:58 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Businesses in Morningside are set to join forces with plans for a new traders' association to fight for more CCTV in the area.

The idea for an association grew out of a petition signed by 45 independent traders calling for more security cameras in Morningside after a spate of thefts.

The petition demonstrated the strength of local feeling and led to a public meeting to discuss a way forward.

David Lincoln, branch manager of Waitrose on Morningside Road, said: "There were a few traders at the meeting, including myself, the manager of Toy's Galore, local podiatrist Naresh Fernando and a few other traders, and we held a discussion about making the partnership we'd achieved on this issue a more permanent addition to the Morningside community.

"I firmly believe the traders in the area will pull together towards making this happen. We will use the issue of the CCTV as a starting point, and hopefully watch a Morningside Traders' Association grow from there."

Previous Morningside Traders' Associations have existed, with the latest thought to have dissolved around five years ago.

Full story: Edinburgh Evening News