Braid Hills Car Park Cleanup

posted 19 Sept 2009, 03:18 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
Flytipped building waste at the Braid Hills Car Park (photography: Fred Mackintosh)As a result of complaints from residents of Morningside, Liberton and Newington the council has closed the Braid Hills Car Park on the south side of the Braid Hills Road opposite to the Royal Observatory.

"The site had become a major fly tip and was becoming increasing unsightly. Local people contacted me and Councillor Conor Snowden and we asked for action to be taken." said local campaigner Fred Mackintosh "I am pleased to say that as a result of our action and approaches from local community groups and residents the council has decided to close the car park for a trial period to see if the inappropriate use of the area will stop."

The large amount of builders waste tipped on the site has also been removed.

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