Bike thefts go down as police launch blitz

posted 20 Feb 2009, 06:31 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
The number of bikes stolen in the Marchmont and Meadows area has fallen, according to new figures.

A total of 11 bikes were stolen from the area during November, but that dropped to only four in December.

The bikes were stolen from Lauriston Gardens, Arden Street, Strathearn Road and Marchmont Crescent.

The fall comes as police in the south of the city launch a new blitz against bike thieves, named Operation Autobiography last month. Officers are stopping and checking cyclists who arouse suspicion by appearing too big or small for their bike, or failing to wear a helmet in a bid to catch thieves red-handed. Plain-clothes officers are on patrols while a police team will visit second-hand shops to recover stolen bikes.

Source: Edinburgh Evening News