A Moredun Dream

posted 22 Jun 2010, 15:37 by South Edinburgh Net Admin
We have a dream.  A dream that one day, Moredun will have its own ice rink.  Or maybe a roller disco.

There’s always been more to Moredun Library than merely issuing books (although we do that too of course!).  On Friday June 17th, one of our youth groups attended the first Liberton/Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership meeting about engaging young people. 

For the event at Valley Park Community Centre, the group of six girls wrote, filmed and starred in a film about spare time activities in Moredun, with support from Phil and Emma in the library.  The film was then shown, along with others from Liberton Kirk, Gracemount High School and the Liberton Gilmerton Youth Forum, at an event with lots of local representatives from the South of Edinburgh with a view to seeing what else can be done in the area to engage with young people.

Our film is called ‘A Moredun Dream’ and tells the dramatic story of a girl named Christine who wants to go ice skating, but isn’t allowed.  Her mother says she us too young to go all the way to the rink at Murrayfield on her own, and mean big sister Justine won’t take her.  It is a tale of true adversity and more than that, it’s just not fair!

However, Christine is not beaten yet.  She can’t go ice skating because it’s too far away, so why not bring the ice skating here?  Or, because that’s a big ask, what about a mobile roller disco that could be hosted in different venues around the area once a month?   News reporter Julia Quinn introduces interviews with the local community about their take on the situation, but whilst they think it’s a great idea, there are some rather boring adult reservations about staffing, flooring and health and safety. 

After showing the film, the girls gave a short presentation explaining that most of these barriers could be overcome by booking a mobile roller disco.  This is because they provide their own staff with health and safety training and a special floor that can go over the top of existing flooring, or even be set up in a car park.  The group asked for advice on funding, possible venues, and other suggestions for compromise.  It was then up to representatives from the council, police and voluntary sector to come up with ideas of how they could help make the Moredun Dream a reality.

EIFF eat your heart out, the kids from Moredun Library are in town!

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