Allocation of Fairer Scotland Funding: Liberton and Gilmerton Ward

posted 24 Nov 2008, 06:41 by South Edinburgh Net Admin   [ updated 24 Nov 2008, 06:42 ]
Liberton and Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership has approved funding through the Fairer Scotland Fund (FSF) for a range of organisations in the ward.

FSF funding has been allocated to the following projects for 2009/10:

Childcare Connections - £115,000

Children First Family Support - £30,000

Health Opportunities Team (HOT) - £35,000

South Edinburgh Amenities Group (SEAG) - £40,000

Home Link - £30,000

Bfriends - £15,000

Libertus Activities Co-ordinator plus £3,250 transport costs for elderly - £52,500

Vocal (Family Support Network) - £30,000

Vocal (Carers Support) - £30,000

CHAI (Money Advice) - £30,000

South Edinburgh Voluntary Support Project - £35,000

Councillor Tom Buchanan, Community Engagement Leader, said: "The FSF is a more focused funding stream to tackle the causes of poverty and deprivation. It is 'Fairer' precisely because it acknowledges that 'pockets' of poverty and health inequality can exist in even the most affluent of neighbourhoods.

"Decisions on how best to allocate FSF funds are being taken locally across the city by the Neighbourhood Partnerships, who are each engaged in developing local community plans to address the particular needs of their area."

Source: The City of Edinburgh Council