125 year anniversary project begins Friday

posted 4 May 2011, 05:04 by Alistar Frater
The Meadows on Friday will witness the launch of a project to capture a flavour of the ingenuity and dynamism of the Victorian era in Edinburgh.

The project is the Meadows Jawbone Arch appeal aimed at raising money to conserve and restore the historic jawbone arch which has graced Jawbone Walk for 125 years. It was placed in its current location following its role in the International Exhibition of Edinburgh in 1886.

The Exhibition ran from 6th May to 30th October 1886 and the target is to raise sufficient to conserve and restore for future generations this monument to the Victorian science, industry and art.

The appeal will be launched at 2:00pm at the Jawbone Arch with a short introduction to the project. All interested are welcome to attend.

Posts over the next couple of days will give more background.