Liberton is one of the old villages which have been incorporated into the City of Edinburgh.

The parish was formed from four communities: Kirk Liberton, Over Liberton, Liberton Dams, and Nether Liberton.

Kirk Liberton was centred round the church, school and a schoolhouse dating from the 18th Century which was converted into what is now the Liberton Inn. Dr Guthrie's Boys School, which opened in 1888, is now a residential care home.

Over Liberton which lies half a mile west of the church, includes Liberton Tower, built in the 15th Century. It is fully restored and is now available as holiday accomodation.

Liberton House was built in the 16th Century and, complete with its garden, is being restored to its former glory.

The Balm Well of St Katherine which probably dates from the 15th Century was used for many centuries as a healing well. It stands in the grounds of St Katherine's House which has been restored and is now a restaurant.

Liberton Dams, which lies half a mile north of the church, at the foot of Liberton Brae, and is the smallest of the four communities, once boasted a School, Dairy Farm, Police Station and a Mission Hall. Little now remains.

Nether Liberton also lies north of the church and is clustered around Gilmerton Road and Craigmillar Park. The area has a mill building still standing, including the remains of its iron wheel. Other buildings include Nether Liberton Doocot, probably the largest in Edinburgh, dating from the 15th-16th century.

Inch House, which lies within the Inch Park, dates from the early 17th century, probably had a moat, and is now a community centre.

Greater Liberton Heritage Project