Pick-up points

You can pick up your free copy of South Edinburgh Echo at the following locations.

Craigour Park P.S.    Moredun Park Road, EH17, 7HL
Prestonfield P.S.    9 Peffermill Rd, EH16 5LJ
Liberton H.S.    328 Gilmerton Rd, EH17 7PT
Liberton P.S.    229 Gilmerton Rd, EH16 5UD
Burdiehouse P.S.    1 Burdiehouse Crescent, EH17 8EX
Gracemount P.S.    Lasswade Rd, EH16 6UA
Gilmerton P.S.    Moredun Dykes Rd, EH17 8NQ
Gracemount H.S.    Lasswade Rd, EH16 6TZ
St Catherine's R.C.    2 Captain's Row, EH16 6RN
Liberton Nursery    68-70 Mount Vernon Rd, EH16 6JQ

Liberton Kirk Centre    Kirk Gate, EH16 6RW
Liberton Gardens P.O.    4a Liberton Gardens, EH16 6JR
The Balmwell    41 Howdenhall Road, EH16
Dickson Retail    145 Liberton Brae, EH16 6LD
JLR O'Donnell Dental Surgeon    Liberton Brae, EH16 6AQ
Liberton Medical Group    65 Liberton Gardens
Liberton Hospital    113 Lasswade Rd, EH16 6UB
Howdenhall Police Station    9 Howdenhall Rd, EH16 6TF
Klondyke Garden Centre    7 Mortonhall Gate, EH16 6TJ
Liberton Northfield Church    280 Gilmerton Road, EH16 5UR
Robin's Nest    393 Gilmerton Road, EH17 7PX
Owl & Pussycat Children's Nursery    1 Claverhouse Drive, EH16 6BR
Allan McDougall Solicitors    33 Lasswade Road, EH16 6TD


Mechanic Arms    36 Drum St, EH17 8QH
Gardener's Arms    62 Drum St, EH17 8RN
Higginson's Newsagent    3-1 Ravenscroft St, EH17 8QJ
Gilmerton Miners Welfare Society    4 Newtoft St, EH17 8RE
Gilmerton Post Office    7 Ravenscroft St, EH17 8QJ
South Edinburgh Partnership    13 Newtoft St, EH17 8RG
Gilmerton Library    13 Newtoft St, EH17 8RG
Star (Newsagent)    60 Gilmerton Dykes St, EH17 8LQ
Wright Newsagent    26 Gilmerton Dykes St, EH17 8JX
Gilmerton Community Centre    4 Drum St, EH17 8QJ
Gilmerton New Church (The Hub)    43 Ravenscroft St, EH17 8QP
The Toothbox    536 Gilmerton Rd, EH17
Morrisons    Gilmerton Road, EH17
Faith Mission Bookshop    548 Gilmerton Road, EH17

Ferniehill Evangelical Church    19 Ferniehill Rd, EH17 7AB
Ferniehill Surgery    8 Ferniehill Rd, EH17 8AB
Moredun Library    92 Moredun Park Road
Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre    Moredunvale Place, EH17 7LB
Moredun Community Centre    Moredun Park View, EH17 9LS
Tron Kirk Moredun    Craigour Gardens, EH17 7NX
St Barnabas Episcopal Church    64 Moredun Park View
Scotmid (Moredun)    80 Moredun Park Rd
Royal Infirmary    51 Little France Cres, Old Dalkeith Rd, EH16 4SA
Burdiehouse/Southhouse Community Centre    25 Burdiehouse St, EH17 8EZ
Burdiehouse Supermarket    44 Southhouse Rd, EH17 8EW
Gorja Newsagent    49 Southhouse Broadway, EH17 8AS
Southhouse Sheltered Housing Group    51/2 Southhouse Av, EH17 8BZ
Gracemount Leisure Centre    22 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6RN
SEHLI    Unit 2, Block B, Gracemount Pavilions, Captain's Rd, EH17 8QF
Libertus    26 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6RN
S.M. Stewart Newsagent    3 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6QZ
Night & Day Store    94-96 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6QZ
Scotmid    21 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6RN
The Marmion    Captain's Road, EH16
Gracemount Medical Centre    24 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6RN
Gracemount Post Office    5 Southhouse Broadway
Gracemount Youth & Community Centre    128 Lasswade Rd, EH16 6UA
A.M. Harper (Dentist)    Captain's Rd, EH17 8HP
C.E.C. South Edinburgh Local Area Office    40 Captain's Rd, EH17 8QF
Scotmid    94-98 Walter Scott Av., EH16 5RL
Liberton Golf Club    297 Gilmerton Rd, EH16 5UJ
Inch Community Centre    225 Gilmerton Rd, EH16 5UF
The Local Pharmacy    102 Walter Scott Avenue, EH16 5RL
Conan Doyle Medical Centre    4 Nether Liberton Lane, EH16 5TY
Inch Park Surgery    10 Marmion Crescent, EH16 5QU
Glenvarloch Crescent Post Office    65 Glenvarloch Crescent, EH16 6AS
Inch Post Office    80 Walter Scott Avenue, EH16 5RL
Royal Commonwealth Pool    21 Dalkeith Rd, EH16 5BB
Prestonfield & District Neighbourhood Workers Project    63 Prestonfield Av., EH16 5EX
South Side Community Centre    117 Nicolson St, EH8 9ER
Queens Hall    85-89 Clerk St, EH8 9JG
Sainsbury's    Cameron Toll, Lady Rd, EH16
Waterstone's    Cameron Toll, Lady Rd, EH16
Nigel Griffiths MP    31 Minto St, EH9 2BT
Gavin Brown MSP    13 Mentone Gardens, EH19 2DJ
Booze & News 2    113 Newington Rd, EH9 1QW
MS Newsagents    40 Dalkeith Rd, EH16 5BS
Cameron House Community Centre    Cameron House Avenue, EH16 5LF
Prestonfield Golf Club    6 Priestfield Rd North, EH16 5LF
Minto Newsagents    31d, Minto St, EH9 2BT