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Women Onto Work (WoW)

Women Onto Work (WOW) core activities involve the running of pre-vocational training courses for women who live in the regeneration areas of Edinburgh, including South Edinburgh.

WOW has been running these courses for women who face the greatest barriers in accessing further education/training or paid employment for over 19 years. Although the ethos of the organisation has not changed during this period of time the needs of the women have changed and Women Onto Work has changed to reflect this.

Through the courses women are not only improving their own lives, but those of their families and their local communities. They have increased skills, confidence and financial independence; becoming role models for other women.

Women Onto Work will continue to build on this success to ensure that future courses are relevant to the needs of the individual women as well as being relevant to the wider needs of the City of Edinburgh.

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Women Onto Work
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