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NCH Hype Project

Hype works with young people aged 18 and under who live in Edinburgh and use drugs, alcohol or volatile substances. We provide workers for all young people; and dedicated workers for young people who are, or recently have been, 'looked after and accommodated' or homeless. A Community Mental Health Nurse is available to make assessments for substitute prescribing, detoxification or mental health issues for young people where relevant.

Who can refer a child/young person?
Anyone can refer to Hype, including young people themselves. Young people referred must live in Edinburgh, be aged 18 or under at the time of referral and be using either drugs, alcohol or volatile substances. The young person does not need to have a dependency to any of these substances, but should feel that their substance use is affecting their life in some way.

Hype is based in London Road. Young people can visit the project or a project worker can visit somewhere else if this is helpful. Some young people choose to be seen in school, for example.

Hype is a confidential service but permission will be sought from young people about sharing information about them. This will include who to share information with, and what information is shared. Hype works within child protection guidelines and young people will be given a Rights and Responsibility leaflet on their first visit which explains the exceptions to this.

17-18 London Road
Tel: 0131 466 4600
Fax: 0131 466 4604