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Riddles Court Community Centre

Riddles Court is a ‘A’ listed historical Edinburgh landmark. It takes it’s name from ‘Riddal’s Land’ dating from 1587 and was built by George Riddell, Wright and Burgess. The building itself is a three storey ‘L’ shaped house in the traditional Scottish close style.

The building is mainly used as a venue for adult learning classes run by the Workers Educational Association (WEA) whose course include workplace literacy, confidence building, return to learning/study, women’s studies, community history, policy studies, creative writing and art workshops, music and ‘pre retirement’.

Riddles Court is also a popular festival venue with shows run by Diverse Attractions.

Facilities Co-ordinator - Amanda Brown

Bus routes:  23, 27, 35, 42, 45

Name: Amanda Brown
Address: Riddles Court
322 Lawnmarket
Tel: 0131 225 4411
Tel: 0131 225 8189
Fax: 0131 225 8189
E-mail: Amanda.Brown