001 - 5 August 2009

Welcome to the new-style email newsletter for people and workers in South Edinburgh.

Since this is Bulletin No 1, we only have one main item for you this issue...

South Edinburgh Echo Funding

You may already have heard that you won't be getting a copy of the South Edinburgh Echo through your letterbox for the foreseeable future.  Your local community newspaper needs funding to meet the cost of staff, printing, premises and distribution.  Previously this was provided by Edinburgh Community Newspaper Trust (now defunct) and South Edinburgh Partnership.

Although the Echo was "reaching the parts other news cannot reach", proven to be of high quality and excellent value for money, brought in a higher proportion of advertising revenue than other community newspapers, had served the area well for eleven years, and was appreciated by local people and organisations, the voluntary directors have been unable to secure funding to continue with the printed editions.

The Echo's publisher, South Edinburgh Community Newspaper Ltd (SECN), originally registered interest in the tendering process to provide Liberton & Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership's communications strategy for the area, but have not continued with this process as it was felt unanimously by the directors that the current proposals weren't in line with the aims and spirit of the SECN's approach to community participation and editorial freedom.

The objectives of SECN to promote local communications and information sharing remain.  The new strategy is to improve delivery of online information via South Edinburgh Net (including this Bulletin), and making the most of any opportunities which arise to produce printed material.

The Echo is sleeping, but not dead!  Continue to send in details of your local news, events and information - it will be published via the website and this Bulletin.  Send items to newsdesk@southedinburgh.net.

As this chapter of the Echo draws to an end, we are sad to lose our Editor, Alex Schweitzer-Thompson, who has moved on to other things.  The directors of SECN are grateful for his creative input over the past two years and wish Alex well in his future ventures. 


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