50+ Group (see Older People's Activities)

Arts & Crafts­ 

Baby Well Clinic­ (see Health & Fit­ness)

Badminton (see Sport

Ballet (see Dance & Drama­)

Bingo (see Social

Bowling (see Sport)

Care in the Community Club­ (see Health & Fit­ness

Carers Group­ (see Health & Fit­ness

Computing (see ­Technology/Computers)

Crafts (see Arts & Crafts­)

Creative Writing­ (see Literacy & Numeracy

Cricket (see Sport)

Dad & Kids (see Parents & Children)

Dance & Drama­

Drawing­ (see Arts & Crafts­­)

Elderly Housebound Group­ (see Health & Fit­ness

Embroidery­ (see Arts & Crafts­­)

English as a Foreign Language­ (see Literacy & Numeracy)

Everyday English­ (see Literacy & Numeracy)

Exercise­ (see Health & Fit­ness

French (see Languages)

Golden Years Club (see Older People's Activities)

Handball (see Sport)

Health & Fit­ness 

Heritage Group (see Special Interest Groups)

Highland Dance­ (see Dance & Drama­) 

Interior Design (see Arts & Crafts­­)

Italian (see Languages)

Jaunters (see Health & Fit­ness)



Keep Fit­ (see Health & Fit­ness)


Line Dancing­ (see Dance & Drama­)

Literacy & Numeracy

Management Committee (see Active Citizenship & Voluntary)

Martial Arts (see Judo, Karate and ­Tae Kwon-Do)

Mother & Baby (see Parents & Children)

Mother & Toddlers­ (see Parents & Children)

Older People's Activities

Orchestra (see Arts & Crafts­)

Out and About

Painting­ (see Arts & Crafts­

Parents with Babies (see Parents & Children)

Parents & Children

Pilates­ (see Health & Fit­ness)

Playgroup (see Parents & Children)

Salsa­ (see Dance & Drama­)

Sewing­ (see Arts & Crafts­­)

Singing (see Arts & Crafts­)

Slimming­ (see Health & Fit­ness)

Social Activities

Spanish (see Languages)

Special Interest Groups


Strictly Dancing­ (see Dance & Drama­)

­Tae Kwon-Do (The Korean art of self-defence) 

Tea Dances (see Social Activities)


Toy Library (see Parents & Children)

­Women's Activities 

Women's Guild (see ­Women's Activities)

Women's Keep Fit (see Health & Fit­ness)

Yoga­ (see Health & Fit­ness)

Zumba­ (see Health & Fit­ness)